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Who is the Thief in the Night?

Here you are all relaxed, binge watching Game of Thrones and you look over at your wife. She is dressed up like a bag lady, layers of sweaters socks, scarf around her neck, hat pulled down over her ears and this is INDOORS!!!

Geez, you think, where is all the heat? The fuel bill is huge, like the neighbors are sucking all the heat out of your house to heat theirs. At night laying in bed listening to the furnace cranking , you can just see the 100 dollar bills floating right out the windows.

You look over at your windows and the curtains are blowing. Who in blazes left the windows open? Until you realize that the windows are closed...Oops!

Okay, your wife has been talking about replacing the old windows , like forever.

Pete, next door got new windows from NY Bath & Kitchen and now his heating bill is half of what yours is.

Out of the corner of your eye you can see your wife glaring at you. Don'y look....don't look.... but you take a peak and she gives a little shudder just to drive home how cold she is and what a heel you are.

Okay, we'll get new windows, but for heavens sake how do you tell the right ones to buy?

Everyone tells you their windows are the best, but common sense tells you that a window for $500 can't be the same as a window for a thousand bucks. Yeow! a thousand bucks.!

Andrea at the office told me she and her husband got new windows from the same company as Pete. She said they were very knowledgeable and showed them how to look up stuff on the Department of Energy's site so they would know the right windows to buy and fit their budget. Stuff about U-Value and air infiltration rates. I go air infiltration all right! Look at those curtains blowing!

I'll call NY Bath & Kitchen in the morning..........

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